Food Art

MAN AND MOLLUSC, the wonders of under the sea.

FOOD PORTFOLIO, by Michael Ray, exquisitely-prepared foods.

TASTE SPOTTING, a community-driven, visual potluck by category or random.

KITCHEN ARTS & LETTERS, country’s largest store devoted completely to books on Food and wine,

FRIDGE WATCHER, “Every fridge tells a story,” Fridges across the world.

PARIS BEIJING PHOTO GALLERY (double-click to enlarge) from The Vegetable Museum,

SUNNY CARIBBEE, island arts, crafts and sunsations.

HATS OF MEAT: Hats from meat.

CULINARY IMAGEBASE. Find 708 images courtesy of Virginia Tech University.

CULINARY POSTERS. Click on the left for more categories.

FOOD ARTISANS Pamela Sheldon Johns shares the pleasures of good food and wine.

CINEMA & CO. RECIPES, dishes made in movies? This site recounts many favorites.

AMERICA BY FOOD, The Smithsonian Institution’s exhibition entitled Key Ingredients.

BOUQUET OF FRUITS, beautiful and seasonal.

JAPANESE FOOD MARKETS with some excellent photography.

CHEF ADVENTURES and find “Cutting Edge News Every Cook Can Use.”

CHEFSHOTS by Eric Futran, focuses on serious chefs at serious work.

ART MEDIUM, see how one artist uses food.


Food with a worldview since 2001, now that we have virtual access to ingredients and recipes.

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