Trail Mix Salad, Its Time has Come!
Marty Martindale

imagesSound wacky? Let’s see how this comes about. 

Salads have evolved through the years as much as anything. Originally all lettuce seemed iceberg, rarely was there any other choice. Then one year iceberg became very expensive, then everyone who couldn’t stand a salad without lettuce, turned to the relatively unknown romaine, and they liked it. Then everyone had more lettuces they were willing to experiment with, ones which usually came in heads like iceberg but were escarole, curly endive and more. Probably, and still later, the most exciting was the arrival of the “little lettuces,” often put into bags by us with tongs at the market, and these were the arugulas, the Frisses and more. Now, we pretty much mix and match all of the greens we like. Continue reading