It’s Great to Hate Spam®
Marty Martindale

When I was a kid, the best thing we did with Spam® was grate it like cabbage, added mayo, chopped green peppers, a little onion,spam spread it on bread and called it a ham salad sandwich. Spam® is simply processed and cooked pork shoulder and ham preserved in a can. The oft’ termed mystery meat gets its name from a shortened, “spiced ham.”

But, why do the people of such exotic islands as the Hawaiian Island actually tend to love Spam®? Because the GI’s during WWII ate a lot of Spam® in the Pacific theatre, it stands to reason the locals got to share some. As obtaining meat was difficult in that part of the world and the canned meat needed no refrigeration, Spam® became a prized  commodity throughout all the Pacific islands and is to this day.

We learned Spam® in the Pacific islands is a childhood memory thing, probably a comfort food thing, kind of like our mac n’ cheese. They have learned how to incorporate it into any meal, and it moved readily into the kitchens of the vast numbers of ethnicities on all the Pacific islands. Its popularity, it seems, tends not to wane. Continue reading