Marty Martindale

Chile, on South America’s west coast, has an extremely long coastline assuring abundant fish and seafood. This exciting coast is just beginning to be a popular tourist destination.

RITZ CARLTON HOTEL, SANTIAGO CHILE – King Crab and Quinoa Salad, Sofrito Seafood, Pantrucas, Pan-Fried Congorio (Eel) with Abalone Sauce, Tomatican, Prietas

RESTAURANT BRICK, RADISSON HOTEL, SANTIAGO CHILE – Chilean Crac Pie, Quinoa Risotto with Squid, Mussel Soup, Cojinova Fish with Wild Rice, Conger Eel, Sea Bass with Quenelle of Pumpkin, Meringue Pie with Mango

RESTAURANT BALI HAI, SANTIAGO CHILE – Kiwi Sour, Pork Pulp with Damask Chutney, Roast Chicken with Ciboulette Sauce, Chilian-Style Hake, Pate Maison with Raisin Sauce, Hot Seafood in Clay Pot, Crepe stuffed with Chicken, Corn, Cream and Cheese


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