Ricotta, so Fresh, so Creamy
Marty Martindale

What has Ricotta always meant to you? Was it something your mom had to remember every time she  made lasagna? Then you later found the left-over Ricotta not all that interesting, so you avoided it thereafter.

We now have developed more tasty ways to enjoy Ricotta, which can be substituted by Creame Fraiche or Queso Fresco.

In her book, Italian Food, Elizabeth David states, The three cheeses essential to Italian cooking are: Grana, known all over the world as Parmesan; Mozzarella, that elastic white buffalo-milk cheese of the south; and Ricotta, a soft milk cheese, unsalted, which is at its best in the spring, in Rome and round about…Ricotta is a cheese which must be eaten very fresh. With a little salt and ground black pepper it has a lovely countrified flavor. It is pounded up and mixed with spinach to make the most delicious gnocchi and ravioli …” Continue reading

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Marty Martindale

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