Peanuts, Praise and Beware
Marty Martindale

There was a time when peanuts were kid food, pigeon food and coupled with the circus and elephants. Gradually we learned the people of Africa make a delicious soup of peanuts with tomato and hot spices. The people of Thailand and East Indians cook with them too. Moving along, it became very clear that peanuts can be a huge curse to the allergic, and we best not serve recipes to company with peanuts without announcing it first. The latest is the good news. We learn peanuts rival Q10, improve brain health, blood flow and carry many treasured antioxidants. So, if you’re seen muching them, “It’s a good thing.”

Peruvians ate peanuts back in 3,000 BC, Much later the peanut turned up in Europe, then in Africa. Slave ships brought them to the West Indies and North America. By 1845 peanuts went on sale to the public in Nashville. Next confederate Civil War soldiers took a liking to them and carried them further north. It wasn’t long before P. T. Barnum presented the “new” food at his circuses. Continue reading