Cannellini Beans, An Italian Favorite
Marty Martindale

The Italians love their cannellini beans, those large, white creamy beans, their hint of earthiness,canbeans their nutty taste and their predictable tenderness in delicious Minestrones and Pasta Fagiolis. Cannellinis, related to kidney beans, are sometimes referred to as white kidney beans. Many confuse them with Great Northern and Navy beans which are smaller and less exciting.

Cannellini beans were originally grown in Argentina by Italian immigrants, and quite soon they were introduced to Italy where the soon became an important crop. Continue reading

Pancakes, Build your Own
Marty Martindale

Over the years pancakes have been both necessary and very delicious.pancakes Necessity came from early times before forks and spoons when a pancake, of a sort, was necessary to get other foods “shoveled” into hungry mouths. Later, pancakes became ways to “bundle” food mixtures into desired shapes or a bland contrast for rich mixtures. Now, in the U.S. pancakes have evolved into being a treat, usually on leisure mornings when they are frequently laced with sweet toppings, even though they are the main dish.

Every culture needed its pancakes:  Eventually each learned to grind grains into flour, and adding a little liquid made patties possible if singed on a hot surface or rock to make them retain shape. Virtually all nations have at least one dish which uses a pancake as useful surface for fillings or toppings: Continue reading