Roasting – Crispy, Toasty, Juicy, not Fried
Marty Martindale



Sheet Pan Supper
By Molly Gilbert
A review by Marty Martindale

For us, it all began by coating certain veggies, with herbs and aromatics on an old sheet pan, setting the oven to quite hot and voilla! Then, after not too long, we had a nice combination of roasted, fresh goodies to eat with some meat. Then, we figured out how to include certain meats or seafood, and it was even more delicious. Everything has a lot more character, far finer than an all-day so-jour in a mush-making slow-cooker.

Sheet Pan Suppers, this niftily-titled book is authored by the well accomplished Molly Gilbert, an Amhurst College grad plus a graduate of the French Culinary Institute. With a background like this, she’s going to give us reliable oven combos. Many of us need a little more direction. Here it is. Continue reading