Sausage – You Want to see Made!
Marty Martindale

Sausage is pretty wonderful stuff, but think of it, it’s really only a kind of meatloaf in a tube? Or, season any ground meats, make it into a patty and you have patty sausage. Remember. Sausage is nothing but seasoned meat, shaped into desired shape and cooked briefly.

Originally, sausage was necessitated by thrift and meager earnings  especially in Eastern Europe. Butchers gathered meat scraps, animal organs, blood and fat and preserved them with special spices and stuffed into tubular casings made from animals’ intestines.

Fresh sausage, like pork or breakfast sausage, is made from uncured meats and seasonings, must be refrigerated and cooked before eaten. Preserved sausages, like kielbasa, summer sausage and mortadella, are pre-cooked, usually by smoking. Eat them hot or cold, no further cooking necessary.

Poach sausage links and get the dividend of some delicious broth for soup.  Grill them, braise them, put them in pasta dishes, they make  breakfast a treat, are best friend to fried peppers and a casserole friend. Sausages are neat “units” of protein. Continue reading