Want Slaw or Fries With That?
Marty Martindale

Choose the slaw, it’s far better for you! If they offer slaw and fries, ask for double slaw … because cabbage is very good for you!coleslaw

Yes, cole slaw is apt to turn up anywhere. Sometimes slaw is part of a sandwich, a burger or hotdog. The Koreans have been serving cabbage with almost everything for centuries. It is their kimchi .

Word has it that the ancient Roman, Apicius, prepared a cabbage-based salad-like dish. However, it is the Dutch who deserve credit for originating cole slaw 200 years ago.When you elect cabbage, you opt to take in more vitamins B, C and K,  beta-carotene, potassium, manganese, iron, magnesium, powerful antioxidants and fiber. Continue reading