Wonton Wrappers, Very Handy, Countless Uses
Marty Martindale

Wontons are referred to by many as “the Chinese answer to Italian ravioli.” wonton2Actually, many cultures have their favorite foods encased in bundles. The Italians have their ravioli, the Mexicans their empanadas, the Jews their kreplachs and the Chinese delighted in their dumplings or rolls. In short, these are neatly rapped bundles which can be filled with almost anything, savory to sweet, served from hors d’oeuvres to desserts. Twist, layer, stuff, fill, roll or stack versatile wontons. Make crispy wontons strips for tasty sprinkles.

Wonton wrappers are made from simple ingredients, wheat flour, eggs and water. Fill them with any tasty mixture, then bake them, boil them, steam them or fry them.

Look for packages of wonton wrappers in the supermarket produce section, refrigerated. Use or freeze before date on package. If freezing, use before 6 months pass. Thaw before working with them.

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Melissa Clark’s Sweet Shrimp and Bay Scallop Scampi
Marty Martindale

(photo by Andrew Scrivani)

Too many people are unaware of how simple it is to prepare delicious seafood at home. Most important, shrimp and scallops must never be overcooked. You want that little “tooth bounce” to greet you with each bite. Overcooking removes this. Note Melissa, in the recipe below, allows just a short amount of time more for the shrimp than the scallops and very little total time for both. Continue reading