Gnocchi, Hard to Pronounce, Easy to Make
Marty Martindale

Gnocchi, like homemade pasta, has a plain flavor, but there is a great deal of pleasure in a well-made, cloud-like gnocchignocchi. They are usually sauced lightly, then then are ready to devour. 

The major difference with a gnocchi (pronounced “nnn-yoke’-ee,”) recipe and a pasta recipe is potatoes, starchy potatoes, low on moisture after cooking make the best gnocchi. The dryer the potatoes, the lighter the gnocchi. 

Follow your recipe carefully, paying particular attention to the amount of flour added.  Too much will make them heavy, two little, and they will fall apart when simmering.  When the gncchi mixture is just right, divide into balls about the size of a tennis ball and gently roll into a “snake” shape.  Cut it into inch-lengths, make ridges on them and simmer in gnocchiboardsmall groups until they float.   Continue reading

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Marty Martindale

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