Ginger Root, Curious, Delicate, Medicinal and Spicy
Marty Martindale

Ginger root is frequently sautéed along with other aromatics such as onion andGinger Root garlic for many dishes. This root, has a curious, bulbous shape composed of knobby bumps, and its skin is light brown with a slight silvery beige tone.  Its  flesh is ivory to pale yellow in color. Its close relatives are turmeric, cardamom and galangal, usually thought of as popular Indian spices.

Ginger root’s obedient crispiness shapes well into planks, slices, matchsticks, grates well, minces and purees. It can also be candied, crystallized, pickled, juiced or preserved. Yet, it meets expectations for being light, warm, spicy, sweet, mellow while peppery displaying hints of lemon.

Ginger also has a powdered spice component generally used to flavor baked goods. Continue reading

Ginger Root and More Ways to Use It
Marty Martindale

These days we find ginger root more frequently as an ingredient due largely to a greater Asian influence and our increased realization ginger is good for our health.ginger

Figure out if you want its taste when you are rounding up your onions, garlic and other aromatics for a quick saute, or add it straight into soups. It is most easily peeled with the side of a teaspoon. Continue reading