Food Trucks still Going Strong
Marty Martindale

Recently FoodFanatics directed our attention to the South by Southwest (SXSW) show in Austin, Texas,truck when thousands gathered for the latest innovations and also for an interesting array of food trucks.

Paul Qui, Executive Chef at Qui and owner of East Side King food truck, brought together the best of Texas food trucks for the show’s SouthBites Food Trailer Court.  Continue reading

WORLD FOOD KEEPS ON TRAVELIN’: Even if it’s in Subtle Ways
Marty Martindale


♦♦♦♦ Below are 52 food links with some fine examples of food traveling.

All foods have moved around the world in remarkable ways. From Columbus and other early travelers who tucked seeds into their pockets to internet-ordered imported foods, foods travel from country to country.

Why do you think Greek yogurt is so popular at the moment? It’s because it is a popular middle-Eastern food. World War II GI’s made sure pizza was available in North America. Yes wars make very many, permanent changes in the world’s locations of food. Belgium, known for its excellent cuisine, Continue reading