Loaves, Muffins and “Finger Pancakes,” – Out-of-the-Door Breakfasts
Marty Martindale

In a morning rush, needing a worthwhile breakfast and on the go?

Keeping a loaf of fruit/nut bread around most of the time serves as a quick breakfast, great to carry for lunch or as an after-school snack. And, it’s plenty okay to serve friends. Keep in be mind no kid is neglected if found running out the door with a nice hunk homemade fruit/nut bread in his hand.

A great baking timesaver is putting all your dry ingredients in a good-sized bowl and arrange all other ingredients, including sugar, around your blender. Then, many hours later, whirl up your blender add it to the bowl of dry, mix well and place in a heated oven.

Don’t think you can successfully make any “loaf” item by taking one recipe and packing in what you have on hand. Simply pick a shape you want, then select some nuts, a dried fruit and maybe a texture. _Now. Take the time to SEARCH for this combination and shape you desire. i.e. “Walnut, Cherry, Bran Bread.” _

When we did this, we found: 


with several recipes. Feel free to choose interesting combinations. You’ll need a recipe, though, to be sure the liquid, eggs and leavening are in line with your “drop-ins.” Online recipes abound! Continue reading

Prosciutto, Expensive and Tasty
Marty Martindale

Pronounced “Proh-shoo-toe,” Prosciutto is a sweet an delicate, long-processed Italian hamproscuitto.jpgt intended to be eaten raw. Parma brand is considered the best, made only from a pig’s hind thigh, salt, air and a great deal of aging time, up to two years.

Because it is expensive, prosciutto is used as an ingredient rather than an entrée. This makes it a favorite for use in simple appetizers, for example cantaloupe wrapped in Prosciutto. In cooked recipes, it is added at the end so as not to kill its delicate flavor.

You can now buy prosciutto in separate packages and at your deli counter. It is cut very thin, almost transparently so. Keep it refrigerated and plan to finish it within two days. Continue reading