Watermelon Juice has Many Uses
Marty Martindale

It’s seems like orange juice has been around forever. However, there is a relatively new wmjuice in town, watermelon juice. Thanks go to our newer seedless watermelons. It’s a simple matter to pop some of the bright pink flesh into the blender and let ‘er rip. Its color is beautiful, its uses just as many as those of orange juice. Also, the new watermelons are smaller and quicker to chill.

Choose firm, symmetrical, bruise-free watermelons, ones heavy for their  size. Check for a yellow side where the melon has rested in the sun to ripen. Many families have their “foolproof way” of checking for the perfect melon, and these are okay, too.

People have a lot of fun with watermelons and so do the statisticians. They tell us, in the year 1999, over 4 billion pounds of watermelon were consumed. In 1990, a Bill Carson in Tennessee grew one which weighed over 260 pounds.

On the worldly scene, we learn over 1200 varieties are consumed in 96 countries around the world. Watermelons make a popular host gift from guests in China and Japan. The Israelis and Egyptians like to serve watermelon with feta cheese because of its saltiness. Continue reading

2500 RECIPES: Everyday to Extraordinary
Marty Martindale

By Andrew Schloss with Ken Bookman

This is a great book to consider giving to those just starting to keep house, for it’s many cookbooks in one. First, it teaches basic techniques (Schloss terms it The Toolbox), tools and tips for making marinades, sauces and dressings, even explains small appliances one might want to acquire for their kitchen. Next, it covers 36 categories of food and gives 50 different recipes for each category. Some of these categories, or really many cookbooks, as mentioned earlier are: Snack Plates, Sandwiches, Stir-Frying, Soups, Chili, Pizza, Rosas Whole Chickens, Meatless Dishes, Summer Fruit, Breakfast, Cookies, Drinks and a whole lot more. In addition, Schloss includes his “Special Occasions” section covering topics such as Entertaining, Romantic Recipes, Health Food, Homemade Gifts and more.
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