Papayas, Delicious and Easy to Prepare
Marty Martindale

Large papayas can seem ominous because they’re big, and many don’t know how to enjoy papayathem.

Called the, “fruit of angels,” by Columbus, a chilled papaya, smooth, buttery, sweet, yet a bit musky, can be a delicious treat! Its exciting, smooth, buttery, bright orange flesh can make a hot summer’s eve watermelon seem “ho-hum.”

Papayas (a.k.a. Paw Paw)  can be as long as 20 inches, but most are more like 8 inches in length. The outside of an oval papaya is rather smooth and a medium shade of green rapidly turning yellow.

Like pineapple, papayas contain the enzyme, papain, used to tenderize meat. The many black seeds of the papaya are edible, having a peppery taste. People chew them whole, or blend them into salad dressings.

Papayas were favorites of native Indians and relished by Portuguese and Spanish explorers when they passed through Central America and the Caribbean. Today we get papayas from growers in the U.S, Mexico and Puerto Rico. Continue reading