Edamame: “Snackily Delicious” and Very Healthy
Marty Martindale

Borrowed from the Japanese, Chinese and Hawaiian cultures, Edamame is a spectacularly healthy, tasty and popular, in-demand soybean served as a snack and powerful protein source. They are rich in all the in-demand buzz nutrients, and even the conservative U.S. Department of Agriculture is on-board for all Americans eating more of them. Pronounced, “ED-a-MAH-me,” the word means “Beans on Branches,” because they grow in clusters. To retain the freshness and its natural flavor, the soybeans beans are parboiled and quick-frozen. Simply put, “edamame is salted, yummy, highly nutritional, cooked green soybeans with an odd name.

Soybeans were introduced in China earlier, but it wasn’t until 927 A.D. that the use of edamame was recorded. The Asian people have depended upon the nourishment of soy for many centuries. Today, Japanese and Chinese restaurants serve edamame, and we can buy them for cooking from the frozen food area of any supermarket and in health stores. Continue reading