Prunes are Not Jokes; They are Handy
Marty Martindale

Prunes get a bad rap because they are so fibrous and the “L word.” Maybe this is why they’ve modified their name, of late, to another which is:  “dried plums.”prune

Keep in mind, just as any other dried fruit, each dried prune/plum or dried apricot is a whole piece of fruit, so don’t plan to eat more of the dried than you would the fresh product. Prunes or dried plums are in our lives more recently due to their popularity in Middle Eastern, African and Jewish cooking.  They are a change for us, too, because they lend a novelty, fruity succulence with  complex flavor twist.

Drying plums has gone on for thousands of years starting near the Caspian Sea, and as expected, their popularity grew across Europe, and it wasn’t long before California began growing some handsome ones. They are now the worldwide leader in production. Continue reading