Cumin, The Spice with Clout!
Marty Martindale

After black pepper, cumin is the most-used spice on earth, however it is only now becoming popular in the United States. Cumin is a popular ingredient in Middle Eastern, Asian, Indian,  Mediterranean and Mexican people have enjoyed cumin, (cumino) for centuries. It has a complicated flavor, and it’s possible to be turned off by it before deciding you like it. Cumin’s taste is strong, toasty and nutty. Add earthiness and muskiness to this, as well. It’s not a bit player.

Originally cultivated in Iran and Mediterranean region, cumin is mentioned in the Bible, was found in Egyptian pyramids and popular in ancient Greece and Rome. The Greeks kept cumin shakers on their dining tables. Moroccans still do. Today, major cumin growers are in Egypt, Iran, India and Morocco. Continue reading