Chocolate or Carob?
Marty Martindale

Carob is similar to chocolate, but who needs anything better than chocolate?

Carob, we learn, seems to exist mostly for the chocolate-challenged, as it is caffeine-free and not associated with migraine headaches. It also contains more calcium.  Though chocolate and carob contain nearly the same amount of fat and calories, their taste and texture are not the same and carob is considered less flavorful. Chocolate contains theobromine which can be fatal to dogs or cats;  carob, “chocolate-flavored” treats are safe for your pets.

The carob tree is native to Sardinia, Italy, and it grew abundantly around the Mediterranean and Middle East as early as 4000 years ago. The Greeks introduced carob to Italy, and the Spaniards spread it to Mexico and South America. The Brits brought it to South Africa, India, and Australia. Continue reading