Brussels Sprouts, So Much Better Roasted!
Marty Martindale

Rarely is a vegetable so universally hated as Brussels sprouts. The reason for most bs3
complaints is the “knobs-grown-on-a-broomstick-type veggie is usually cooked incorrectly or too long. They take on a highly-deplorable sulphur odor and taste. However, we can get around this by not boiling or steaming them. Simply cut each into three or four slices, then go for roasting or stir frying them for a more delicious result. Continue reading

Cabbage, Many Textures, Many Ways to Prepare
Marty Martindale

Cabbage can be pickled, fermented for dishes such as sauerkraut, stewed, steamed, cabbagebraised, sautéed or eaten raw. The general cabbage family includes the non-crinkly-leaved common green cabbage, dark red, long-leaved bok choy and the tiny Brussels sprouts. Crinkly-leaved cabbages are Savoy and longer-leaved Napa. This article will concentrate on ways prepare regular or savoy green cabbage.

Cabbage’s variety of preparation textures.

Raw, sharp-flavored, crunchy

Crisp when quickly stir fried

Tender and sweeter when cooked a long period


Different nationalities tended to adapt cabbage differently.

The Dutch pickled it as sauerkraut used a lot on sailing vessels

The Germans adopted it mightly and became known as “Krauts.”

The English created their Bubble and Squeak

The Irish loved their Colcannon

North Americans heavily adopted cole slow and many other dishes.

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