Eggs, So Affordable, So Handy, So Protein
Marty Martindale

Hens’ eggs, North American favorites, are but one of EGGSseveral bird eggs enjoyed for eating. Ducks, quail, geese, turkeys and ostriches also lay very popular eggs enjoyed elsewhere. We bake with them boil them, scramble them, fry them, hard-boil them, pickle them and make omelets with them. They can have shell which are white, brown or speckled.  

Chickens consume both bugs and plants making them omnivores. Their eggs are widely used in sweet and savory dishes as well as in baked items. They, more than ever, are served at times other than breakfast. Asian cooking makes a good example of this when they top noodle bowls with eggs adding bright color and nutrition to the dish. Eggs are a wonderfully affordable source of valuable, long-lasting protein.    

Eggs are also complicated. They give cakes the lift and airiness they need, EGGStheir yolks can act as thickeners and their whites form foam for special tasks. Combined into dishes of their own, they make main meal dishes popular worldwide.    

Chickens were domesticated for eggs in Asia and India back to 7500 BCE. From there they moved to Egypt, then Greece and Rome.    Continue reading