Rice Dressing for a Change
Marty Martindale

Kraft, and their Stove Top Dressing in a box, was the first to suggest to us, “It’s okay to ricedressingserve stuffing or dressing any day of the year, and with any type food, not necessarily with turkey at Thanksgiving.”

Rice is the most important food for over half the world’s population in Asia, Latin  America and Africa. Americans eat around 25 pounds of rice per person every year. Many people turn to rice when they are avoiding gluten.

Rice comes in many types and colors. A large favorite is the long, threadlike, thin-grained basmati rice. A fatter, shorter grained rice is Arborio used frequently in risotto. Each is available in white or brown, the latter possessing its bran coating and considered more healthy.

Dressing, made with rice instead of bread, is a perfect excuse to make the starch in your meal more exciting and savory then mere potatoes. Most basic dressings consist of chopped savories such as onion, celery or peppers, melted butter for richness, an egg, or two, to bind it, some herbs of your choosing and salt and pepper to taste. These get added to moistened, crumbled bread, but in this case, we’re suggesting cooked rice, any type. Bake this mixture is briefly, in a dish by itself. It’s quick. It’s different!

We have included foodsites with rice dressing recipes, or you can improvise with suggestions below.

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Rice Just Right!
Marty Martindale

ricecookerMany people who are avoiding gluten for particular conditions, or just to feel better, are opting to purchase rice steamers to help replace the pasta and bread they no longer eat. These cookers range in price from $30 to $230, and they are not limited to cooking only rice. Similar to, but different from, slow cookers, rice cookers also make delicious puddings, pilafs, couscous, polentas, steel-cut Irish oatmeal, grits, beans, soups, chili, grains and cereals.

Basically, a rice cooker is a water/substance game. Once the rice and water are accurately measured, the rice pot will turn itself off or down to low for finishing after water is asorbed. Occasionally geographical locations or extreme weather conditions require an adjustment to measurements.

Here is a handy rice glossary thanks to Riceland.com. All rice cookers come with a necessary booklet with measurments, times and usually some recipes. A generous additional source of rice cooker recipes is Beth Hensperger and Julie Kaufmann’s Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook. It is 350-pages of dim sums, tamales, hominies, desserts and very many rice dishes. Continue reading