Editor’s Note


An Addy Award winner, Marty (Burleigh) Martindale early conquered Gregg shorthand, polished off a year of interior design, became a talk-show host at KHAM radio in Albuquerque, learned hospitality marketing, became a sales executive and served as a staff copywriter at WFSO in St. Pete FL.

In the early 50s Marty moved to the southwest and readily embraced their foods, their homemade pimento cheese, pinto beans with Cheddar and chopped pecans in Tuna salad. She broadened this with a move to New Mexico with greater chili use and more sophisticated Mexican dishes. Next, she found herself living near New Orleans, the Big Easy, and their deep tradition of late evening meals with good wine along with gumbo, red beans, muffaletas, jambalayas, mounds of boiled shrimp, smoked mullet and red velvet cake.

After majoring in social/cultural anthropology, Martindale has been writing for over 40 years. Food and the relatively-new, increasing Caribbean cruiseline industry seemed favorite writing topics for her. Her food and travel writing has taken her to most points in the Caribbean, twice to Brazil, the length of Central America and along the Mediterranean.

Martindale’s first cruise experience was in 1965 aboard the old Yarmouth Castle for its ”whirlwind”, 5-day, $89 cruise special to Freeport, Nassau, Cap Haitian, Haiti, and Puerta Plata in Santa Domingo. The Castle treated her guests nobly, the food tantalizing. Said “Castle,” a floating fire-trap, burned and sank in November of that year.

This was in sharp contrast to much later luxury cruises with penthouses and butlers. As Cruise Business editor, panamaxes, elderhostel study cruises, exotic small ships, windjammers, paddlewheelers and spartan adventurer junkets made for fun writing.

Martindale has published work in countless publications ranging from Florida Business/Tampabay, National Enquirer, Travel Weekly, Journal of College Placement, Cruise and Vacation Views, several food encyclopedias, Culinary Biographies, Gale Publications and Gourmet Retailer.

Besides owning and managing FoodsiteMagazine.com, Martindale also maintains a public service site GetAltruism.org. In recent years, Martindale finally wrote two books: SHORT ORDERS and MORE SHORT ORDERS.

Originally a native of New England, she now lives in TampaBay on the west coast of Florida where her daughter, JoAnn, lives.