PADDLEWHEEL CHEF: There’s Nothing like River Eatin’
Marty Martindale

Early Creoles and Cajuns shaped the Louisiana cuisine we like today. The Creoles were wealthy planters, and their kitchens aspired to rich, fancy cuisine. Their recipes came from France or Spain as did their chefs. In contrast, the Cajuns were a tough people used to hard, meager living. They tended to serve pungent country food prepared in one pot. Each group used rice extensively and based many dishes on a roux of oil and flour. All had local ingredients to work with … fish, seafoods, river critters, vegetables, fruits, nuts and a lot of sugar cane. Louisiana cooking reflects their results: Gumbos, Creoles, Po-Boys, Etouffees, Shot Glass Oysters, Jambalaya, Craboiled Potatoes, bright Red Velvet Cake and more.

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