Single Subject Sites
Marty Martindale

CAKES (dot) COM, find a bakery nearby.
BARNIES COFFEE, everything for coffee.
WATERCRESS (dot) COM, nutritious and healthy
SEA SALT WITH FOOD, there are many colors of salt in the world.
PASOLIVO, extra virgin olive oil.
EIGHT O’CLOCK COFFEE, includes games to unwind by.
THE FRESH LOAF, a huge bread exchange,
KAROUN CHEESE. Lebanese cheeses and yogurts.
PENDERY’S, spice merchants since the 1800s.
WOOLY PIGS, a new breed formed to equal Europe’s best pork.
BELLY BYTES – EGGS and your health.
GREAT LAKES KRAUT, home of kraut savvy.
SCO JUICES, lightly-sweetened tea blends
FLORIDA STRAWBERRIES, “Available December through April.”
ALL ABOUT SQUAB, California squab .
TURNIPS, HARVEST-TO-TABLE, feel comfortable with preparing them,
HANCOCK GOURMET LOBSTER, lots of things to do with lobster meat.
SNOPES ON BABY CARROTS, look for the whole carrots.
BAKLAVA, THE KITCHEN PROJECT, a Turkish Saltan favorite.
NIKKIBONE SANDWICH RECIPES, lots of Sandwich recipes,
PUNCH RECIPES, all types.
A SAFFRON GUIDE FOR YOU:  Includes saffron glossary.
AVOCADOS FROM MEXICO:  “The World’s Finest.”
SAUSAGE MANIA, recipes and instructions
STRUB PICKLES, Organic and refrigerated.
HOT CHILE – Superbly Southwestern from  Albuquerque, New Mexico.
NEW YORK BAGELS:  Holey Bagel!  From New York with Love! Learn bagel origins,
ICE CREAM RECIPES FROM LOVE-TO-KNOW:  “104 time-tested recipes:”
PICKLE SICKLE! Squeezed pickle juice frozen pops,
THE APPLES OF NEW YORK by Spencer Ambrose Beach, Horticulturist.
LAVA LAKE LAMB:  Learn their story, find recipes for Lamb Marinades for all cuts of lamb.
HEINE BROTHERS’ COFFEE. Learn coffee origins, history,
MUSTARD (dot) COM –Gourmet mustard,
LOVE BACON:  In the UK, they have Bacon Connoisseurs Week,
COFFEE REVIEW, a coffee buying guide.
WOODSTOCK WATER BUFFALO:  Buffalo and its by-productso questions
FILLIPO BERIO EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL: “More than a century of Tradition in every bottle.
LALELI OLIVE OILS:  Olive oils from Turkey.
OREGANO FROM ITALY, Agrigento, Sicily to be exact.
O – SO SWEET ONIONS, “Like No Other Onion on Earth”
EAT MUSSELS, Mussels are affordable, fool-proof for freshness,
ALMOND PASTE. Find its history and European recipes.
KENYON GRIST MILL in Usquepaugh, Rhode Island, since the early 1700s
OLIVE OIL SOURCE:  A worldwide look at olive oil.
MUSHROOMS:  From the Missouri Dept. of Conservation.
WILD BLUEBERRIES Read more about their health benefits and find recipes.
INTERNATIONAL POTATO CENTER. The Peruvians were the first to freeze-dry foods.
BARILLA PASTA:  Recipes for white and wheat pasta. .
FULL BLOOM TEA (dot) COM —  Fascinating teas made from rare Silver Needle and White Tea Leaves.
SAUSAGE FANS, to the UK again.
RICE GOURMET, lots to know.
VIRTUAL CHOCOLATE:  For the muse and the club.
WISCONSIN POTATOES. Read the Badger Comon’Tater Consumer.
SAFFRON GUIDE, expensive but good to know about.
dHOT SAUCE (dot) COM, a treasury of sauces by caregory, brands, by types of peppers, by country and by heat, also
MUSHROOM EXPERT, the origins of 600 different mushrooms.
POMEGRANATES, very versatile.   have a gorgeous color.
CHRISTOPHER BEAN COFFEE COMPANY :  Learn about coffees from different parts of the world.
MOLASSAS FROM CANADA (since 1879) Find recipes, links,
RIVER HAVEN OLIVES:  Learn about Australian Olives and Olive Oil.
CHRISTMAS COOKIES, cookie exchange.
BUBBLE TEA SUPPLY, Aka Boba Tea. This tapioca tea comes from Taiwan.
OLIVE MATTERS:  Learn about growers and consumers and education seminars.
MIGHTY LEAF — Hand-crafted artisan teas, by caffeine, by region, luxurious, sheer tea pouches!
CURRY SIMPLE equals delicious curry made simple with ingredients.
SUCCESS RICE also in brown and wile.
EDAMAME:  Pronounced “Eda – mah’- may.” Simply put, fresh soy beans, unprocessed and delicious!
USEFUL WILD PLANTS:  “Botany for the Real World”
KETCHUP WORLD:  This whole site is devoted to ketchup.|
SPAGHETTI ICE CREAM:  Originally gelato, now available as ice cream!
NATIONAL ASPARAGUS FESTIVAL:  Find recipes for Asparagus Guacamole and  Cheesy Asparagus Soup.
A HUMBURGER TODAY is Burgers with ketchup, mustard and opinion.
BIGELOW TEA for tea chests, teapots.
SUN FRESH OF FLORIDA introduces SunLite All Natural Low-Carb Potatoes.
THE BOLTHOUSE’S CARROTS:  This site is in everything.
HOTDOGS AS AMERICA take this refresher on Deli Dogs.
DISCOVER CRANBERRIES at the Wisconsin Cranberry Discovery Center.
GARLIC VALLEY FARMS GARLIC JUICES, “All the good stuff is in the juice,” they say,
LEE & PERRINS WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE. Spice up your day with recipes and urban myths.
THINK AVOCADO:  Here’s avocado oils, recipes and Avocado facts.
THE MOZZARELLA COMPANY’s handsome site brings delicious suggestions.
MONTEREY ARTICHOKES are big in this part of California.
JACOBS FARM is an herb farm. Learn the members of many herb families.
KNOW YOUR CRABS, learn “Krabspeak.”
CHOCOLATE ATLAS. Find the Whos, Whats and Wheres of what’s chocolate everywhere!
TRIBE HUMMUS:  Mix it with black olives, garlic, raw vegetables, you name it.
SEAFOODFISH DOT COM. Find ways to cook each seafood.
YERBA MATE:  Learn the history of Mate, find mate accessories
HOW CHOCOLATE WORKS:  It’s a long road from the cocoa bean to our table.
NEW YORK STATE CHEESE, justifiably proud.
AUSTRALIAN HERBS. Read up on Wattleseed, Alpine Pepper, Oz Lemon Rainforest Rub and much more.
CALIFORNIA WILD RICE. Read about the difference between wild and domestic.
FIDDLEHEADS, a springtime treasure.
GEORGIA’S VIDALIA ONIONS, learn onion facts and visit the Vidalia Onion Museum.
JAMBA JUICE. Try smoothies from Aloha Pineapple
ANOTHER BROKEN EGG. It’s all about breakfast.
DAILY CANDY:  This is a whimsical site, with contributions on topics which please.
CALIFORNIA FIGS Fix appetizers of figs and ham, gourmet cheeses, designer red wines.
NORTHERN QUINOA CORPORATION Quinoa is a quick, versatile grain to serve with most any meal.
THE OLIVE TREE culture, history and health.
WHEAT FOODS COUNCIL reminds us few people eat enough grains.
TURKISH APPLE TEA? A chance to order some. .
AMERICAN PIE COUNCIL:  National Pie Day is January 23.
A CHOCOLATE site for your sweet tooth.
AMERICAN BUTTER INSTITUTE, learn more about the institute.
GRANDPA PO’S NUTRA NUTS. This is a serious company with a serious line of innovative products
BLUE CRAB archives. Cooking information, festivals and the crab news.
BOARDWALK BRITTLE and its various types.
BUTTER MAKING STORY. Learn about egg butter.
KAYRO SYRUP: Its history, recipes and tips.
CALIFORNIA DRIED PLUMS — Find recipes, nutrition and other information.
ROOT BEER 101, all about root beer.
EMU? Can you eat one? Here’s recipes, cuts and cooking methods.
FLORIDA GRAPE GROWERS give you recipes, wine-making info, a map of their wineries and “You Pick” info.
The CENTRAL BEAN COMPANY for recipes, cooking tips,
APPLES—pictures and history.
MRS. CUBBISON, the dressing lady, shares her stuffing recipes.
TURDUCKEN. Definitely  a holiday challenge, with directions.
BREAD PUDDING Organization.
MOON PIE and an RC?
RAPPINI aka BROCCOLI RABE made simple.
CHOCOLATE site for your sweet tooth.
WALNUTS are a fun ingredient … make “nut dust.” for sprinkling.
SMUCKERS, it’s gotta be good.
NEW ZEALAND LAMB, it’s tasty.
KIKKOMAN! A world of soy.
CADBURY CHOCOLATE great anytime.
WHITE LILLY, southern bakers’ favorite.
GARLIC GODDESS always savory.
CITRUS Zest things up.
NIMAN RANCH, perfection in meat.
FRESH MANGOS, the ingredient.
SAUERKRAUT, try it new ways.
FISH PEOPLE share the facts.
SALAD SAVORY is a very beautiful vegetable.
SHRIMP and other seafoods.
GROWING CHILES, Read what Firegirl has to say.
BREADWORLD, take a look around.
NUTS WORLD for ever so many things.
CRAB PLACE for delicious salads
PLANTAINS, there’s many ways to fix them.
KETCHUP is so important to so many.
PUFF PASTRY for sweet or savory.
FRESH COFFEE! Learn how to roast your own.
PANCAKES anytime!
RHUBARB, so misunderstood.
SMOKED SALMON, for bagels and more.
CANADIAN BACON, learn more uses.
PEARS, and under-used fruit. , an u
BLUEBERRY SEASON, time to refresh ourselves.
THE VANILLA COMPANY, home to all things vanilla.
BUTTER, the natural choice.
HAZEL NUTS, and nuts are healthy!
BAKERS EVERYWHERE use King Arthur flour. (over 200 years)
VEGETARIANS feel strongly about their about their eating practices.
ALMOND SEASON, Almonds are at home in savory dishes as well as in sweets.
COCONUTS are interesting.
NUTMEG, use it in new places.
OSTRICH. Ostrich meat is low in fat.
HORSERADISH, the secret ingredient.
Here’s much,much more on the subject.
HERBS, so much to know.
CHOWDERS, so quick to make.
SWISS CHOCOLATE! So delicious.
COCA-COLA memoirs, 50 years of it.
FANCY LETTUCES, learn their names.
WORLD OF TEAS, a delicious coffee alternative.
NUTS make recipes better.
RAMEN NOODLES are tasty with finely chopped fresh veggies added.
PEANUT BUTTER LOVERS, always a quick shot of protein.
GARLIC, GARLIC, GARLIC. Visit the Garlic Information.
PILLSBURY COMPANY is always researching food.