Egg Management “101”
Marty Martindale

Eggs are quite “in” these days. Mexican cuisine likes eggs on most bowl dishes; Koreans probably outdo us when they make their delicious Bibimbap and other items. Try each busy day to get some starch, some veggie/fruits and protein. If you come up short on the latter, a simple egg or two, cooked any way, is good protein.

There’s something about an egg which demands attention. First, if you are a thinker, you puzzle why we’re not yet warned to wash each egg against getting salmonella. These chicken embryos we use are also amazing! They thicken a sauce! They whip to peaks! They make cakes and pancakes light! They bind! They turn into a salad or pickled eggs!

Unborn chickens cook up in ever-so-many ways!

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Star Fruit, “Star Bright’  
Marty Martindale

Slice it, and you have stars, edible stars to play with!

Yes, it’s another gift from the amazing soils and the lushness of the tropics to our south. Star fruit originated in south Asia centuries ago. Finally, improved packaging techniques and temperature-controlled shipping  makes them available in this country.

About six inches in length, star fruit matures into two types:  small and tart, larger and sweet. Most commercially-grown star fruits are the large ones. Continue reading