Foodsite Magazine Friday Picks
Marty Martindale

J. R. WATKINS   Remember the Watkins man who came to your front door selling pain-relievers and spices? He doesn’t come to your place anymore, however it’s easy to find him and his crew at this link.


  • Roasted Squash Parmigiano, Mint
  • Whole Artichoke, Garlic and Parmiagiano
  • Grilled Clams and Calabran Chili
  • Crispy Little Fish, Parsley, Aioli, Grmeolata
  • Black Bass, Salsa Verde, Coal Roasted Potatoes
  • Grilled Scallop, Walnuts, Yogurt, Marjoram
  • Papardelle Veal Bolognese, Porcini, Nutmeg
  • Lamb Leg Steak, Roman Spices, Fennel, Celery Continue reading

Foodsite Picks for 2010
Marty Martindale

GRUB STREET’S “PASTA PORN” SLIDESHOW – Contrary to what they call it, their “101 of America’s Most Delicious Noodle Dishes” is a family watch.

FOOD MUSEUM INDEX – Some websites are worth routine revisiting. This is a smorgasboard for any foodie.

IGGY’S, SINGAPORE – Pea Flan with Parmesan, Gnocchi with Fava Beans, Iberico Ham and Walnuts, Gemfish with Perilla Pesto, Carrot and White Asparagus, Suckling Pig with Tanba Black Beans and Kailan, Rhubarb with Salted Sable, Vanilla beans and Blood Orange

LONELY PLANET’S “BLOGS WE LIKE” – This time it’s:  Street Food in Bangkok – How to take ful advantage of their endless supply.

LIBYAN FOODS – “Food creep” always happens when nations engage in conflict. Find some fascinating foods and pictures from a land which believes, “Your diet is your medicine.”

PEANUT ALLERGY BRACELETS – Find many styles for alerting others of your special needs. Also bracelets for a wide variety of alerts.

FRESH HEALTHY VENDING MACHINES – Sometimes your only choice is to use one. These people are out to get you better choices of foods in them.

REID’S PALACE DINING ROOM, FUNCHAL, MADEIRA, PORTUGAL – Cream of Chicken Soup with Avocado, Marbre of Duck Liver with Pumpkin Chutney, Sea Bass Escalope on Fennel with Olive Pulp, Oriental Egg Noodles with Seafood, Vegetable Steak Pakoras,

196 SPAGHETTI CARBONERA RECIPES FROM COOKS.COM – Carbonera is different, because it calls for eggs and you don’t want to scramble them. Delicious!

SOUTHERN FOOD BEVERAGE MUSEUM EVENTS – Celebrate World Cocktail Week, Barbecue Nation Exhibit, DC Roundtable Series, Nitty Grits, Okra Magazine and more

LAPTOP LUNCHES – Rethink your lunch. Find menus, recipes and photos. Learn about bento living.

FORAGE SAN FRANCISCO – They seem to have a lot of fun with their Wild Food Walks and Wild Seafood. Live far away, start your own foraging group.

YATS RESTAURANT, NEAR MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Pan-Fried Duck Liver Forestiere, Baked Pumpkin and Crab Gnocchi, Pan-Fried Barracuda, Pan-Seared Palawan Jumbo Tiger, Char-Grilled Australian Wagyu Beef, Pan-Seared Australian Kangaroo Loin, Frangelico Pannacotta,

INSATIABLE-CRITIC – Grael Greene — Home of the Short Order Archive, Bite my Journal, Ask Grael, magazine articles, recipes, photos and favorites.

HONEST FOODHunter, Angler, Gardner, Cook:  Finding the Forgotten Feast, is Hank Shaw’s book about taming the wild. Recipes, too.

THEY DRAW AND COOK – Just what the name says. This is a very innovative, colorful site. Drawings and comments from around the world.

ROLAND FOODS – Have you tried Kaniwa (ka-nyi-wa), an ancient, staple grain rooted in the Aztec and Incan cultures? See many more products and recipes.

SEASONS 52 RESTAURANTS ACROSS THE U.S. – Flatbreads, Edamame with Japanese Green Tea Salt, Sonoma Goat Cheese Ravioli, BBQ Chicken Salad, Maui Tuna Crunch Salad, Grilled Rainbow Trout, Caramelized Sea Scallops, Roasted Artichoke-Stuffed Shrimp,

JAPANESE SAKE-STEAMED WHOLE CHICKEN RECIPE – This and many more recipes from The Japanese Food Report. Stories, too.

ALL RECIPES’ SPRING STRAWBERRIES RECIPES – Strawberry-rhubarb pies, strawberry salads, chocolate-covered strawberries, jams, salsas and more.

RESTAURANT DIRECTORY, CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA – this site is a great glimpse into dining in South Africa. They invite your comment

MELBURY & APPLETON DELICATESSEN & GROCER – in London, 1300 grocery items for order from ethnic to bakery, biscuits, cakes, cheese and special diet items.

MOMOFUKU, NEW YORK CITY (LUNCH) – Oyster Buns, Brisket Ramen, Sliced Fluke, Duck Salad, Charred Octopus, Pork Belly Bowl with Poached Egg, Chilled Noodles with Spiced Sausage, Spinach and Cashews.

STEVE SOARES’ AFRICAN SAUCE RECIPES – Some exciting recipes for Voodoo Sauce, Voodoo Mustard Sauce and more.

COOKING UP A STORY – See interesting videos which are stories of a wide variety of foods. Healthy and inspiring.

ALL ABOUT PICKING YOUR OWN RASPBERRIES – Locate a nearby farm, get raspberry facts, find festivals, also get canning & freezing help and recipes.

MONTEREY WINES – Home of 42 varietals. Visit the winery, see the Thermal rainbow, take the trail, discover events and get in on  plenty of experiences.

THE ALTA HOTEL, NEAR SAN JOSE, COSTA RICA – Salmon Tartar, Mediterranean Meze Plate, Shrimp, Avocado Cocktail w/Wasabi-Soy Cream Sauce, Feta Cheese Tart, Fried Camembert Cheese, Cajun Corn-Fried Calamari, Salmon in Port Wine Sauce, Sea Bass in Saffron Sauce, Fiery Garlic Shrimp, Mocha Pudding in Cappuccino, Three Milks Dessert,

NEW YORK’S ROGER SMITH HOTEL EDIBLE EVENTS – The RS is a “happenin’ place.” Many learning opportunities especially for food enthisiasts. Learn about their Edible Series, get the newsletter and meet the hotel mascot.

WRAP YOUR HEAD AROUND ESL PARTYLAND – “A fun placed to learn English as your second language and learn more about cooking, too!”

CRAFT BEER – Find featured breweries, beer recipes, study beerology and meet the beer muses, also beer events.

JOYFUL IN THE KITCHEN GARDEN, PART II, BUDGET EXPERIMENT – Okay, the 30 days is over, and here’s a log of everything eaten.

SINGH’S ROTI SHOP, NEW YORK CITY – Besides Curry, Fried Rice, LoMein and West Indian Chinese Food, find Geera Pork, Black Pudding, Pepper Shrimp, Fried Bangamary, Salt Fish, Aloo Pie, Phlourie, Saheena, Dhal Puri, Parata and Sada Roti.

OPEN SOURCE FOOD – “Cook tonight using ingredients you already have.” Download Tastebud on IPhone now! Enter keywords, find recipe.

FOODS OF GREENLAND– Read about their simple dishes, their provisions and about food in the fells. Continue reading