Dinner Dump, For Time’s Sake

We are a culture which takes food pretty seriously, however we have proven we can get a little humor into it with recipes like Dirt Cakes and Dinner Dumps. 

What we really think is, it’s a casserole redux.

Dinner Dumps. Where did the name come from? Was it from the experience of emptying a Bertolli frozen dinner bag into your large skillet? 

Yes, there are recipes for dump cakes, dump desserts, dump soups and dump dinners for oven, dump dinners for slow cooker and dump dinners for Continue reading

Eggplant Butter for a Change

Many fine, international cuisines have their sophisticated, standard butters offerings for particular dishes. Butters you can purchase are garlic, herb, chili lime, pumpkin, truffle, cinnamon, cocoa coconut, roasted garlic, tomato chipotle, lemon pepper, caramel sea salt or maple. Some claim eggplant butter’s creamy taste seems umami-rich, a high compliment. Use them to finish grilled meats, in salads, roasted vegetables, stir frys, top baked potatoes or as a dip for roasted chips. Continue reading