Culinary Adventure vs. Idling in the Fun ‘n’ Sun 
Marty Martindale

Vacations are changing dramatically, and paying big bucks for some sun, which you already have at  bookculinaryvacations-170
home, is no longer a smart option! A recent and growing movement is toward bringing something of value back home. Getting hands-on with a culture, its food, its people, is a very engaging way to bring back a memorable experience and some useful recipes.

Basically geography dictates another country’s foods, living conditions and practically everything  they enjoy. People travel, however food also travels. Here are a few examples how food, itself, travels. Continue reading

Oozie, Yummy Grilled Blue Cheeser
Marty Martindale


Here’s a nice, grown-up treat.

Forget the Cheddar, forget the other cheeses in the deli drawer.

Lunge for the Gorgonzola Blue,

Slather two slices of rich pumpernickle with pure, unsalted butter.

Stack the Gorgonzona between the unbuttered sides and plunk into a cold, non-stick skillet.

Turn the heat to medium and slowly, patiently wait for that Gorgonzola to become its oozey,

Let  the pumpernickel slowly become its light char.

Take out a pretty plate and place several large black olives onto it. Continue reading