Ceviche, Zap Fresh Fish with Lime Juice
Marty Martindale

It has been said, “Necessity is the mother of invention,” and it didn’t take South cevicheAmerica’s earliest Peruvians and Ecuadorians long to realize if their abundance of fish was combined with a good amount of nearby lime juice, it changed the character of the fish flesh entirely. Over the years, they would add other flavoring accents as they experimented. Basically, ceviche, also spelled cebiche, or seviche, is a seafood salad or a marination of fish or seafood in citrus juice with some salad-type ingredients added, then the mixture is marinated for a short time.

Most any fish filet or seafood makes good ceviche. ONLY make ceviche from the freshest fish, not even supermarket fish. Catch it yourself, or know the fisherman who did.

WARNING: People enjoy ceviche, because it’s a spicy-tasting “salad” of almost raw seafood and other accenting items. HOWEVER, though marinating in lime makes the fish look cooked, this process does not kill bacteria or parasites. Only heat and real cooking can do this. Thus, it is important to serve the ceviche after a short marination and consume all of it that day. No leftovers! Continue reading

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Marty Martindale

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