Brazilian Olympics’ 2016 – Cuisine
Marty Martindale


Taking in the Olympics in Rio this year? Wish you were taking them in? Either way, here’s some sense of the cuisine attendees will be considering on their menus. There’s also some insight into what etiquette they will be observing, as well. More than that the FOGO DE CHAO GUIDE  shares recipes for some of Brazil’s favorite dishes. This Guide is very comprehensive overview of Brazilian food and customs.

Besides being blessed with a rich, abundant seashore, high quality beef and many kinds of fresh tropical fruits. This makes exotic beverages containing fresh bananas, pineapples, guavas, mangos, persimmons, tamarind, passion fruit, coconuts and oranges readily available.


Brazil is a country where indigenous populations, plus Portuguese and Africans immigrants blended richly with Japanese, Italians, Germans, Poles, Syrians and Lebanese to form a fascinating, rugged society. As the largest tropical country south of the equator, its surface is checkered with breathtaking mountains, expansive deserts, long, mysterious river basins and a sprawling Atlantic coastline.

Her 3.3 million square miles support 172 million people of diverse skin tones currently made up of 56 percent Caucasians, 38 percent mulattos and 6 percent African. Her population is the largest in Latin American and sixth largest in the world. Her cultural diversity spans all life involvements from the madness of Carnival to the deep mysteries of the dark Amazon.


Marty Martindale

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