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Marty Martindale

WIKIPEDIA  Wiki is getting quite food-handy. Find an extensive list of worldwide If you need an old recipe, this is a good place to start.

Menu Sampling  HOTEL HASSLER, ROME, ITALY (on the Spanish Steps) 

Foie Gras and Red Miso-Seared Mackerel
Breaded Scallops stuffed with Buffalo Mozzarella
Deer Saddle cooked in Morellino wine with Blackberry Crust
Honey-Breaded Fried Eggs with Samron
Steamed Ravioli with Rabbit and Black Olives
Blue Lobster with Vervain Risotto
Sole and Shrimp in Kombu Broth
Casserole of Pigeon and Artichokes

PINTEREST  See an interesting array of pictures and facts about the UK’s legendary Chiltern Firehouse Restaurant.

TASTE.COM  Get an Australian slant of holiday seafood recipes.

BETTY CROCKER  Could be a hit. Betty came up with a holiday Peanut Butter fondue recipe. Endless dipping items come to mind.

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Marty Martindale

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