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Marty Martindale

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  • Yellow Tail Salsa Torres
  • Eggplant Manchego
  • Mussel & Razor Clam Salad
  • Piquillo-Filled with Raw Tuna
  • Beef Crudo with Pickled Fresno Chiles
  • Crab Risotto
  • Pizza with Lamb Sausage
  • Scrambled Eggs with Almond Romesco
  • Charred Carrots, Parsnip Chips, Harissa, Mind, Yogurt
  • Chocolate Crema Catalania with Toasted Hazelnuts

FIFTEEN SPATULAS Do you know what Red Neck Eggs Benedict is? Here’s the recipe.


Marty Martindale

About Marty Martindale

Foodsite Magazine and Marty aim to help the cooking-challenged avoid dependence on others due to lack of cooking knowhow. We concentrate on quick breakfasts, portable lunches and “good-4-u” night meals. With readily available web translation, the magazine explains separate foods, a little of their history, their nutrition, suggested “go-withs,” serving ideas and links to foodsites with recipes.

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