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Marty Martindale

coffeeLOCAL HARVEST  Fresh veggies and fruits are the best and usually best when bought at farmers’ markets. This site is a directory of these. Enter your location.

JOHN T. EDGE  John is a friend, advisor and mentor to thousands of chefs and cooks and an authority on all foods southern.

THE BROOKLYN KITCHEN  Here’s a chance to shop for unusual kitchen and dining accessories and tools.

Menu Sampling  NY KUNG FU RAMEN

  • Kungfu Steamed Pork Buns
  • Pan Fried Dumplings
  • Shepards Purse Pork Vegetable Wonton
  • Sticky Rice Ball in Chinese Sweet Liqueur
  • Peking Duck Bun
  • Turnip Puffs
  • Seafood Ramen
  • House Special Fried Noodle
  • Shanghai Spring Roll
  • Scallion Pancake

MOMS WHO THINK  In this segment, the Moms are thinking about fudge, all kinds of fudge and recipes for making all of them.

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Marty Martindale

About Marty Martindale

Foodsite Magazine and Marty aim to help the cooking-challenged avoid dependence on others due to lack of cooking knowhow. We concentrate on quick breakfasts, portable lunches and “good-4-u” night meals. With readily available web translation, the magazine explains separate foods, a little of their history, their nutrition, suggested “go-withs,” serving ideas and links to foodsites with recipes.

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