Mexican Cooking Makes North American Food More Fun!
Marty Martindale


Even if you don’t kick up your heels every Cinco de Mayo, feast wildly and celebrate with mexfoodall abandon the luckiest-ever day the Mexican army ever fought, Mexican cuisine is here to stay. Mexican cuisine is a fascinating mixture of European, Central American and Spanish influences, all stacked up around the very basic Mexican staples which are beans, corn and chili peppers.

The month of May in recent years has brought all of us chances to celebrate and feast on all things “Cinco de Mayo.” And, along with this, we see Mexican cuisine, and all its regional variations, mixing ever- increasingly, with Asian and U.S. cuisine. Mexican cooking uses some unique, really clever, methods and combinations. As Mexican cooking influences travel randomly across new areas, this is written from the standpoint of what is generally available in the southeastern U.S.

How has Mexican foods slowly changed us? It’s been a long time since we’ve bought a taco kit because Johnny was having friends over. Many of us are making our own tortillas now, also our own tamales. Tortilla chips brought Killer Nachos, and when we weren’t looking sour cream, guacamole and salsa entered the scene as optional toppings. Most first heard of “chocolate chicken,” when Chicken Mole crossed the border. Imagine chocolate making chicken interestingly delicious!

Mexican spicing has caused a lot of us to increase our heat tolerance levels. This has caused us to realize how many fresh chilis are in our markets, and gradually are learning their level on the Scoville capsicum charts.

They taught us hot chocolate was flat with only marshmallow or whipped cream, when Mexican hot chocolate recipes suggest delicious additions of  cinnamon, pungent Mexican vanilla, nutmeg, cayenne red pepper, ancho chili power, chopped almonds and/or brown sugar.

Sadly, for Mexican peoples’ nutrition, the larger flour tortilla has become  more popular than the more nutritious corn tortillas in recent years.

Here are but a few items North American markets have been forced to add to their inventory of items they carry.

Asadero cheese
Chipotle in adobo sauce
Cotija cheese
Green chile sauce
Mexican chocolate
Mexican rice
Queso menonita cheese
Red chile sauce
Bitter orange

Below are foodsites with Mexican food recipes.

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