Sowing Flaxseeds
Marty Martindale

FLAXSEEDLike cottonseeds, which supply oil as well as fiber for cloth, flaxseed also does this, except its cloth is linen also called  flax. A third function for flaxseed is its use in linseed oil necessary in the paint industry. Known as oilseeds, they keep company with  soybeans, rapeseed, sunflower seed, and peanuts, also oilseeds. .

You can rest assured a plant, with so many useful gifts,  became popular as early as 10,000 BCE with the enterprising Neolithics. By 3000 BCE, flaxseed was cultivated around most of the Mediterranean and Middle East.

Flaxseeds are rich in omega fats, manganese, vitamin B1, magnesium and tryptophan.

You can purchase amber or brown flaxseeds, whole or ground. The whole seeds have a much longer shelf life. It’s best to grind the seeds as you use them. Unground seeds keep well for up to 12 months airtight at room temperature, or 1-2 years refrigerated.

Grind seeds in a rotary-style coffee/spice grinder
If adding ground flaxseed to hot dishes, do so at the end of cooking, as they tend to thicken the food.Sprinkle ground flaxseeds on cereals.
Add flaxseeds to your homemade baked goods.
Add to smoothies or fruit juices.
Sprinkle over cooked vegetables.
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