Granola over Muesli?
Marty Martindale

Granola and muesli are similar but importantly different. granola

Both cereal foods are made with grains, fruits and nuts. However, granola is coated with oil and sweeteners then baked to assure a crunchy texture. Muesli is not baked and contains little or no fat and sweeteners.

Granola is not the health and diet food it is frequently touted to be.  It can only be a diet food if you purchase the right kind and use it sparingly. Select for less sugar, then use sparingly with larger amounts of fresh fruit and yogurt.

If you must choose granola over muesli, select one which is lowest in sweetener and fat content. Granola nutritive pluses depend upon the the type grain, nuts and fruit in the mixture.


Makes handy snack food away from breakfast time. Some are available in bar form

Tastes good sprinkled on iced cream and plain yogurt.

Make your own granola to assure control over salt, sweetness and fats:

Marty Martindale

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