Want Slaw or Fries With That?
Marty Martindale

Choose the slaw, it’s far better for you! If they offer slaw and fries, ask for double slaw … because cabbage is very good for you!coleslaw

Yes, cole slaw is apt to turn up anywhere. Sometimes slaw is part of a sandwich, a burger or hotdog. The Koreans have been serving cabbage with almost everything for centuries. It is their kimchi .

Word has it that the ancient Roman, Apicius, prepared a cabbage-based salad-like dish. However, it is the Dutch who deserve credit for originating cole slaw 200 years ago.When you elect cabbage, you opt to take in more vitamins B, C and K,  beta-carotene, potassium, manganese, iron, magnesium, powerful antioxidants and fiber.

Freshly-prepared cabbage, rather than cut and bagged, has more nutrients. Choose heads with lush, outer green leaves.  This is not to say less green heads are unfit. However, make sure the base stem is undamaged, and the cabbage head is on the heavy side for its size.


There is no one way to make cole slaw. It’s a matter of tasting for the tartness you prefer. Chop cabbage into small pieces or slender threads. The more cut sides it has, the more dressing it absorbs. Plan to make the best coleslaw by refrigerating it for a couple of hours before serving.

Below is a chart of basic slaw ingredients.


Mayonnaise (plus tartness, spices, herbs)
Oil and vinegar or lemon juice
Sour cream (plus tartness, spices, herbs)
Ketchup (plus tartness, spices, herbs)

Grated or chopped veggies:


Foodsites with recipes for cole slaws:




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