Coconut Milk, So Rich, So Delicate
Marty Martindale

The coconut milk you want for that delicious-sounding  Thai or Indian recipe can be easy to NOT BUY.cocomilk

You need the liquid obtained from pressing grated coconut meat. It is then mixed with a prescribed amount of coconut water, resulting in a creamy-thick, pourable coconut milk available in the international aisle. Grocers sell many coconut liquids, but you want “unsweetened coconut milk.” You do not want to select:

  • Coconut water which is a clear liquid
  • Coconut milk which is a sweetened beverage
  • Coconut cream, usually a cocktail ingredient

The coconut tree and its parts have served primitive peoples for centuries. They were first used in the western Pacific and spread worldwide by humans and ocean currents.

High in saturated fat, coconut milk is gluten and dairy-free, also vegan.

Purchase canned, unsweetened coconut milk. It is important to shake the can and scrape he bottom to get it all. Refrigerate any unused portion.


To make an easy, quick Asian curry sauce, heat a can of unsweetened coconut milk to simmer. Add red or green curry paste and any other vegetables, meat or fish. Serve over rice.


Baked and frozen desserts
Cream pies
Satay sauces
Seafood stews

Here are some recipe suggestions for using unsweetened coconut milk:

Marty Martindale

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