Know your Arabica from your Robusta
Marty Martindale

Do you get a little uncomfortable when your friends are sparring in coffeespeak?COFFEE Do you confuse your Arabica and your Robusta? After all, it hasn’t been long since you mastered Latte, Macchiato, Cappuccino, Expresso and Frappuccino!

Here’s a list of how each coffee bean differs:


Winey taste
Higher acidity
Grown in Africa, New Guinea, Latin America, Brazil and India


Grainy-like taste
Peanut aftertaste
Higher in caffeine
Considered inferior to Arabica
Grown in Africa, Indonesia, Brazil and India

While coffee is nice and bold in the morning, you can also think of coffee as a flavoring. Coffee gives a bold boost to lots of savory or sweet dishes. When you cook with meat and include coffee, you make a bracing rub, sauce or marinade. Find some of these recipes at and her Cooking meat with coffee.

On the same site find additional recipes for cooking with coffee — Cooking-sweet-and-savory-dishes-with-coffee.

Marty Martindale

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