Borscht for Everyone
Marty Martindale

You know beets are very good for you, but there aren’t a lot of ways to make them appealing easily. borschtBeets also tend to color all other ingredients, so they make recipes limited.

One solution is borscht. Yes, borscht, originating in Medieval times, is still a favorite of the hardy Eastern European/Russian people. They refer to beets as “beetroot.”

While freshly cooked and peeled beets have more flavor, borscht can be made with canned beats. Many recipes call for a variety of other root vegetables, also tomato, sometimes cabbage, in addition to beets, also meat stock. Dashes of lemon juice or vinegar accent it. Some other versions call for beef or chicken. One Russian version calls for vodka.

Borscht can be served hot or old. Either way, it is usually garnished with a generous dollop of sour cream, however Greek yogurt is just as delicious. You can also borrow for the Asians and top the cream or yogurt with chopped green onions and parsley. Put some nuts through the coffee grinder and make “nut dust’ a topping. lists 21 recipes for borscht.

Marty Martindale

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