Crazy Little Hot Dog Discovery
Marty Martindale

I rarely eat what I call carnival food. My one exception, after cashing out at Sam’s Club, is a strong need for their “Dog and Coke” special.  I look forward it.hotdog

And, I have a ritual. Reject the sausage; just go for the plain hot dog. At the condiment rack, reject the relish, kraut, ketchup and celery salt. Simply plant a thin trail of yellow mustard along the length of the dog. On top of this, sprinkle dried, hot, crushed peppers also available on the condiment rack. That’s it. It’s complete.

I guess it’s a Latino thing, putting the hot pepper flakes on, but it is a   great thing to happen to a hot dog!

The texture combination of the mushy bun up against the steamed hot dog with it’s perfect amount of French’s, my grandson’s favorite,  and those flakes positioned just right along the mustard ribbon – washed down with some cool, peppery Coke – perfect!

The medium-warm aftertaste causes the taste experience linger.

Marty Martindale

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