The 2012 Grilled Cheese Academy eBook
Marty Martindale

By:  Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board
An eBook review by Marty Martindale, Editor, Foodsite Magazine

This is a well-produced, beautifully narrated, teaching and fun website, as well as eBook designed to save time and encourage tastier eating. It’s free and downloadable instantly.

The eBook/site is the brainchild of the Wisconsin Milk Marketing board and the site’s name  and downloadable cookbook is The 2012 Grilled Cheese Academy. It is basically a fancy grilled cheese cookbook, a collection of recipes, brilliant photographs and a guide to many cheeses.

Like any cookbook, it has a cheese index as well as a sandwich directory, 30 in all, each with names like:

The Sargeant Pepper
The Biloxi
The Athena
The Green Acre
The Gibraltar

Grilled cheeses can be balanced meals. In each you typically have bread for the carbohydrate, cheese for protein and the trimmings which are usually vegetables. 

You can print up a free copy of The Grilled Cheese Academy Recipe eBook by visiting their site and downloading it.

Marty Martindale

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