Foodsite Magazine’s Quest for a Banana Soup
Marty Martindale

It makes sense bananas grow in most all of the topics, there are many limited-means people living in the tropics and soup is a universal dish. Surely, someone, somewhere has posted a recipe on the web for Banana Soup. Alas! We were correct:

At Rosa’s Yummy-Yums Blogspot, we found their Caribbean Banana Soup where they combined shallot, banana, gingerroot and butter, later adding rice, stock cubes and coconut cream powder or yogurt. They flavored it with kaffir lime leaves, curry powder, cinnamon and curcuma powder which is turmeric.

Soupsong’s Tanzanian Curried Chicken-Banana Soup is a more elaborate, heartier African banana soup. They also flavor with curry but add chicken, onion, garlic, tomato and coconut.

The Fit Cook has yet another version for their Creamy Banana Soup. They use large, very ripe plantains, sweet potato then flavor it with garlic and cinnamon.

Over at The Cooking Adventures of Chef Paz, they make their Green Banana Soup with bananas or green plantains, onion, garlic, white cheese, cream and cilantro.

The Simoans with their Suafai Banana Soup use overripe bananas, tapioca pearls, coconut milk and sugar is optional. They let the bananas carry the entire flavor.

Marty Martindale

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