Marty Martindale

We at Foodsite Magazine do not look to you for higher anxiety,  desperation, hard luck, despair, frequent humiliation and human suffering resulting in pathetic food attempts featured in too many of your newer programs.    

There is an extremely large number of us who still look to food, separate from world-wide troubles surrounding us, for its solace, a chance to learn and an opportunity to dwell upon something appealing, not stressful. 

We also feel “Stay Hungry” is an insensive sign-out for today’s world.  

Marty Martindale, Editor

Marty Martindale

About Marty Martindale

Foodsite Magazine and Marty aim to help the cooking-challenged avoid dependence on others due to lack of cooking knowhow. We concentrate on quick breakfasts, portable lunches and “good-4-u” night meals. With readily available web translation, the magazine explains separate foods, a little of their history, their nutrition, suggested “go-withs,” serving ideas and links to foodsites with recipes.

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