The I Love Trader Joe’s (Around the World) Cookbook
Marty Martindale

More than 140 International Recipes Using Foods from the World’s Greatest Grocery Store
By Cherie Mercer Twohy

“Around the World” is taken seriously both by Trader Joe, himself, else he’d not be worthy of the name. Cherie Twohy emphasizes this with her book’s fascinating Table of Contents divided into such worldly parts from “French Flair” and “Greek Idyll” to “African Adventure,” “Island Flavors,” “Invitation to India,” “Eastern European” and “All American.” Twohy makes it a point, however, to stress her book is “independently authorized and published and not affiliated or associated with Trader Joe’s® Company. She is, however, a devoted fan of the Trader as is your reviewer who is unlucky enough to live in an area where the Trader isn’t currently trading. Our loss.

In addition to authoring this and one other book about Trader Joe’s, Twohy runs a cooking school in LaCanada, California (Http:// Her blog is:

Here is a description of a few of the recipes in the book. Note that most of them take advantage of the interesting seasonings already in some of the TJ items used as ingredients in many of the recipes.

POTATO GRATIN WITH GOAT CHEESE:  Calls for russet potatoes, broth, Trader Joe’s Rainbow Pepper Blend pepper, goat cheese and thyme

MEATBALL MINESTRA:  Merely broth, Trader Joe’s Gourmet Chicken Meatballs with Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Basil and Provolone, arugula and Toscano Cheese with Black Pepper

STIFADO:  Olive oil, beef stew meat, garlic, canned tomatoes, red wine, frozen pearl onions, orange zest and juice, thyme and cinnamon

GREEN BEANS WITH PEARS AND BACON:  Broth, green beans, bacon, butter, red onion and a pear

MAMALIGA (ROMANIAN POLENTA WITH FETA):  Simply Trader Joe’s Organic Polenta, feta cheese and crème fraiche

SENEGALESE CHICKEN:  Lemon juice, cider vinegar, grapeseed oil, onion, chicken breasts or thighs, thyme, jalapeno pepper and broth

RUZ BIL-LOZ WA BIL-TAMAR (RICE WITH ALMONDS AND DATES):  Butter, almonds, dates, raisins and rice

EGGS POACHED IN TOMATO SAUCE:  Olive oil, garlic, canned tomatoes, spinach, oregano, eggs and rice

MASALA LENTIL CHICKEN:  Chicken thighs, curry powder, olive oil, red onion, Trader Joe’s Masala Lentil Dip and broth

LETTUCE WRAP MEATBALLS:  Shallot, green onion, garlic, jalapeno pepper, cilantro, ground turkey, soy sauce and brown sugar, garnishes of cucumber, carrots, basil leaves, Trader Joe’s Sweet Chili Sauce and lettuce

GRILLED SWORDFISH WITH MANGO SALSA:  Mango, jalapeno pepper, red onion, cilantro, lime juice, cayenne pepper, firm-fleshed fish and grapeseed oil

GAMBAS Y JAMON:  Olive oil, butter, shrimp, garlic, ham and Trader Joe’s Chili Pepper Hot Sauce or Jalapeno Pepper Hot sauce

ROASTED BUTTERNUT SQUASH WITH PECANS, DRIED CHERRIES AND BLUE CHEESE:  Squash, red onion, sage, olive oil, pecans, cherries and cheese

Most of the recipes in the book are gluten-free or can be modified so. The book’s appendix is especially interesting, because it contains a long list of the Trader’s “Hoardables and Pantry Staples.”

His stores are great, so’s the TWO-BUCK CHUCK!

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