Pig Wings: Kinda Like a Porker Drumette?
Marty Martindale

“Please Pass the Pig Wings …” 

“Pigs don’t fly.”

“They don’t need to fly.”

“You’re crazy.”

“I may be, but I’m very glad they got wings!”

And you thought only lambs had shanks!

For every mystery there is, or soon will be a website. In this instance, it is:  EAT PIG WINGS (dot) COM, “Looks like chicken, tastes like ribs,” they say. “Pork without the fork.”

Pig Wings actually are part of a pig’s leg, delicious-tasting pork meat surrounding the oinker’s leg bone, or shank bone. Once intricately butchered and deliciously cooked, you might call them “Pig Nuggets with a Handle” – handy and yummy!

Pig Wings thrive on their slow cooking and are frozen before they reach you. Once you have them, quickly grill, roast, microwave or deep fry them and serve.

You say you want to cook Pig Wings from scratch? Well, we believe you need to drop the “Pig Wings” titling and find a recipe for Pork Shanks, Pork Hocks, even Eisbein, sometimes Pork Osso Bucco. The pork shank is a tough, yet tasty, part of the pig, the muscular part between the knee and the ankle. If you have a few hours to devote to slow, closed roasting, the folks at  HOT SMOKE BBQ have a blow-by-blow diary of their celebratory roast. They apply a mustard rub, sweet and spicy and use charcoal and oak smoke wood.

Eat up!


Marty Martindale

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