Maple Cooking Time of Year — Many new ideas
Marty Martindale

Every year, when the weather cools and we turn our thoughts to more cooking and baking, recipes flutter about. Those of us who grew up in the northeast knew our real maple syrup, maple-walnut ice cream and those little maple sugar candies. Now, it seems, northeasterners are always finding many new and exciting things to flavor “MAPLE.”

We were curious and started scouting around the web looking for newer favorite dishes now maple, and we found lots:  

Maple and garlic ribs
Maple apple crunch
Maple apple dumplings
Maple applesauce muffins
Maple baked beans
Maple barbecue Sauce
Maple cheesecake
Maple chicken
Maple chicken wings
Maple cocktails
Maple coffee and tea
Maple corn muffins
Maple crème brulee
Maple dip
Maple doughnuts
Maple fondue
Maple French toast
Maple ginger baked sole fillets
Maple ham
Maple hot dogs
Maple jelly
Maple latte
Maple meat glazes
Maple nut candy
Maple pickles
Maple popcorn
Maple pork chops
Maple pralines
Maple pulled taffy
Maple roasted rhubarb and ricotta bruschetta
Maple roasted turkey
Maple roasted vegetables
Maple salad dressing
Maple sauce
Maple scones
Maple smoothies
Maple squash
Maple sticky buns
Maple sugar frosting
Maple syrup brittle
Maple syrup fudge
Maple syrup salad
Maple vegetable soup
Maple walnut granola
Mapled appetizers
Mapled whipped cream

Maple’s taste is spicy and nutty with a token of vanilla. While the fresh maple sugar may not be available to you, pure maple syrup will flavor most any recipe very well. Experiment also by complimenting sour or salty dishes with maple and notice the difference.

Always make sure you buy the pure maple syrup and not ones which state “all natural” and contain fillers like rice syrup, artificial coloring and preservatives. When maple syrup is totally pure and natural, it contains calcium, zinc, antioxidants, riboflavin and niacin.

Here are a few maple recipe sites:






Marty Martindale

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